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I am VERY slowly trying to catch up on blogging birth stories. LOL I'm kind of the worst in terms of blogging, but we have been working this year to stream-line things a bit more so I can carve out more time to write! Today I am sharing the (FAST) birth of Elijah!​

Ashley wrote: "I asked for a baby for my birthday (July 9th) and we started trying that night, about 2.5 weeks later I got my BFP!  Working in the NICU for the last 4 years had really made me anxious when it comes to babies being born. We chose to deliver at a hospital, and while it wasn't a perfect experience, we'll be delivering at a hospital with our second. I think as long as baby and mama are happy and healthy that's all that matters.  Somewhere along the way I stumbled across a bunch of birth videos and I was bawling because they were so beautiful!  That's when I knew I wanted birth photography."   

"Around 2:30-3AM I woke up with some discomfort. At first I thought it was just an upset stomach because we ate Taco Bell for dinner the night before. Before long I noticed it was more than a bad taco."​

Ashley texted me at 4:16AM to let me know that her contractions had been 4 minutes apart for close to an hour. They planned to time them a bit longer before heading to the hospital.  I told her to keep me posted and hopped in the shower.  She texted again just a few minutes later, doubting her ability to go natural and telling me she'd already thrown up. I assured her nausea is normal and told her I was going to head out when they left because I was pretty sure it wasn't just a stomach bug. At 4:38AM she texted again to let me know they were on their way out the door.

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At 5:03AM Ashley let me know that she was in triage and 5cm. I was about 10 minutes away. They were still in triage when I got to the waiting room at 5:25AM. Just before 6AM they were finally in a room and I was allowed to join them. She was between 6 and 7 cm.

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Between contractions Isaiah worked feverishly to inflate their birth ball. Things were intensifying so quickly and the surges were getting so close together that I started to doubt it would be ready in time. They danced through each wave so beautifully, swaying to the timeless beat of life.

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Suddenly Ashley felt an urge to push. The nurse checked and I could tell from her face she was complete... but she smiled and told Ashley "almost time, keep breathing, don't push". She made a call, they were scrambling to get a doctor in the room. Ashley was apologizing, saying she was trying not to push even as her body bore down on its own. Elijah was not waiting! After what felt like an age a doctor ran in introducing himself and promptly told Isaiah he'd be helping to catch his son.

Maternity Photography Austin TX

"At 7:36 AM on April 24, 2016, Elijah was born weighing 6lbs 8oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches. The first thing I noticed was his blonde hair and blue eyes!! Having a Hispanic husband I NEVER thought I'd get to have a blonde baby! His eyes did eventually change to hazel, but that crazy blonde hair remains."

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"I remember Isaiah grabbing him and laying him on my chest. I could kiss him, and I knew I was meant to be his mom. I kept asking "Is this real life?!" I was so shocked, I couldn't believe I just gave birth to a perfect baby boy!"

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"Labor is so intense and exhausting, it's amazing to go back and relive those memories though. I get to see all the little things I didn't see at the time, and experience that incredible love for my spouse and child, especially seeing Isaiah in a whole new light and all of his sensitivity with our precious new baby. For that we will always be thankful that we decided to have a birth photographer!"

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​​I still can't believe that Elijah is 2! This sweet family has since welcomed another precious blessing into their home, and it was my honor to be there to document her arrival too. I'll save her story for another day...but hopefully not 2 years from now! LOL ;)