National Midwifery Week | Mamarazzi Photography

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Having had 3 of my 4 children at home, I have a soft spot in my heart for midwives.  My respect and love for midwives has only grown these last several years as I have had the honor of working with them in the birth space.  As National Midwifery Week comes to a close I wanted to do my part to say thank you.  I have been piecing this together over the last week and a half and I'm so pleased with how it all came together.   

​To the midwives I have had the honor of working with, and those I hope to work with one day.
To the midwives that held my hand, wiped my brow, ​
and told me for the hundredth time that yes, I could do this.
To the midwives that have encouraged women of all nationalities, all walks of life, and all faith backgrounds.
To the midwives of tomorrow, that study, and assist, and spend countless hours learning their craft.
Thank you.
Thank you for teaching women they don’t have to fear birth.
Thank you for knowing how to help us dig deep, and push through.
Thank you for calming fears, and wiping tears.
Thank you for that look of reassurance you give when uncertain eyes find yours.
Thank you for giving up SO MUCH of yourselves, your time, your energy, your own special moments with your family, to be there when we need you.
Thank you for being cautious, confident, and competent.
Thank you for holding space.
Thank you for knowing when to sit back, and when to step in.
Thank you for respecting birth plans.
Thank you for embracing our birth teams.
Thank you for accompanying us to the hospital when things don’t go as planned… and thank you for staying to see us through it.
Thank you for crying with us when we don’t get the birth we want… and for rejoicing with us when we do.
Thank you for remembering the babies we never got to meet.
Thank you for caring for us as our families grow.
Thank you for keeping us safe.
Thank you for honoring women, honoring birth, and honoring babies.
Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do!