Mamarazzi Photography Offers Limited Edition Mini & Family Sessions

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Maternity Photography San Antonio

With the holiday season fast approaching, our schedule will get busier, and the need to document family memories will soon be upon us. However, many families don't have time for a full photo session and look for a handful of quality images in a limited time slot.

At Mamarazzi Photography, I am offering mini sessions and family sessions to ensure clients save time while still receiving professional photos.

My mini sessions are all-inclusive, and clients can save an average of $225 depending on what they end up booking and the add-ons they choose. Mini sessions include just a few images, so it’s perfect for clients that aren’t looking for a large gallery. I also provide Santa minis that allow parents to schedule a time to see Santa and let their child have more time with him instead of a quick “what do you want for Christmas?”

Parents that don’t want to brave shopping centers full of tired, fussy, and sick kids or wait in endless lines for Santa can take full advantage of this offer. Mini sessions can also benefit families that want to capture precious family films or remember the bond shared with their breastfeeding minis. It is even great for anyone that wants to mark the holidays and fall or need custom ornaments or holidays and Santa.

For those booking the Santa minis, there is a 10% off until October 15, 2019, while my other mini sessions are booked until they are full through late November. The minis typically happen on different days, so several are available for booking. Family films/holiday tradition films will be offered through December 23, 2019, and this is the only time of year we offer family sessions year-round for clients we have worked with before. 

For families choosing a family tradition film or a breastfeeding session, our minis are the perfect way to preserve special memories. For more information about my mini sessions, please click here. To book an appointment, you can click here or call me at (210) 316-3208 or email me at

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