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I am sure you have heard about COVID-19, or the Corona Virus as it's also called.  Recently escalated to a pandemic, this will affect us all in the coming weeks.  Nobody knows the scale of impact, so it’s wise to plan for issues while avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

So far our local area hospitals are only screening for the normal things: Are you sick? Are you coughing/sneezing/do you have a fever? Have you been around anyone that is?  Since things are changing rapidly, it’s reasonable to assume that restrictions may become more stringent in the not-too-distant future.

I'm not going to vilify the medical field for trying to protect their birthing families, but it saddens me to think these restrictions could mean that families may not have the birth team they planned on and so desperately wanted.  Like the blog I'm sharing states, no matter what, remember that YOUR STORY, YOUR BIRTH, YOUR CARE, and YOUR RIGHTS still matter.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.

We are here to help in any way we can.  We want you to still feel safe and comfortable documenting your pregnancy, birth, and newborn.  We are taking many precautions and closely following events to provide the best support possible while keeping safety in mind.  Feel free to reach out with any concerns!

My personal recommendation (for what it's worth) is for anyone planning a hospital birth in the next few months to consider an out of hospital birth.  Do the research, interview midwives, find out if you'd be a good candidate, and know your options.  Out of hospital birth with properly trained and licensed providers has always been a safe option for most pregnancies, and it has never been such an appealing option as now.  I know that it's not possible for some, but if it's something that is available to you, it's worth looking in to.  One of the reasons I chose to birth outside the hospital with my last 3 kids was my desire to have freedom to move around, have whomever I wanted there for support, and to eat and drink when I wanted to as well as to birth somewhere that isn't frequented by sick people.  Keep in mind that many midwives and birth centers have payment plans and early-pay discounts.  Some insurances cover their services as well.  Don't misunderstand, hospital births are sometimes necessary and they can be amazing.  I know that they are the only option for some families.  Ultimately I just want you to know you have options.  Whatever you decide, make sure that you are comfortable and confident with wherever you choose to bring your baby into the world.

Here is a blog posted by a fellow birth photographer with some ideas & tips that will hopefully be helpful: